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In the past decade, the evidence that human intentions can powerfully change physical matter has drawn increasing attention from researchers, media and the general public. Studies in new field of Psychoenergetic Science have experimentally demonstrated (www.tiller.org) that energy can be transferred through space to materials.

We were able to statistically verify the effects of remote healing intentions on behavioral changes of participants in our studies on Reducing Anxiety and Depression (Tiller & Reed, 2005) and Natural Treatment of Autism (Tiller & Miller, 2012).

Our Self-Compassion Intention website has been established to inform you about our most recent research study “From Self-Criticism to Self-Compassion” (Tiller& Hilberg, 2014). We will continue the study throughout 2014 and we accept new participants quarterly.

Future Studies:

We are in the planning stages for upcoming Healing Intention Studies in the area of Basic Trust, Healthy Decision Making and Death/Dying.

Past Studies:

For additional whitepapers on past research in the field of psychoenergetics, please visit: http://tillerfoundation.com/whitepapers


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