Participants are noticing, sensing, feeling, thinking or doing things differently.
They find themselves saying, "That's not the way I typically am."

"My wife and I are in your study. I have seen remarkable changes in her, which I can only attribute to the transmission as nothing else has changed. This shift is so remarkable because she has been locked into an unhappy dynamic with our daughter for over 15 years. She has felt guilty as a mother and therefore being invested in our daughter making better choices. We have lived from one crisis to the other... Now, she has dropped the guilt and freed herself from self-attack and remorse. This is a miracle."

- J.P. Geneva, Switzerland

"I did not get the email that the study had started but last week I woke up with intense thoughts ... 'nobody gets to criticize me, nobody gets to put me down.' That was an epiphany, and I don't have these often. I also had the thought that I am fine without a romantic relationship; I don't feel so needy and desperate. It's kind of strange..." (ED: Particpant reported having no time to go to the website and had not read the Healing Intention Statement - particpant signed up for the study because Gabriele Hilberg was facilitating it. Participant could not quite remember what the intention topic was about.)

- S.M. Los Gatos, CA, USA

"Frankly, I have not attended any webinar nor paid much attention to the emails - now that you mentioned other participants creating more coherence "higher order" in their lives, I thought I should mention that my husband (not in the study) all of a sudden cleaned the entire 3 car garage - no prompting on my part.

- B.K. Saratoga, CA, USA

"My daughter, age 8, has been very easily hurt by other kids comments in the past. Today in the car she said in response to my question how she is doing in school: 'Actually, I have noticed that when someone is mean to me I took it personally - now I think: it's their problem.' This shift in perspective to a higher level happened spontaneously without any prompting."

- J.Y. Palo Alto, CA, USA

"The one who gained the most from the study in my household has been my dog Douglas (6 years old - rescue dog). In the past month, I noticed that he

  • has not growled at me
  • has not tried to bite me
  • has not disobeyed me
  • has not been cranky and sullen
  • has not refusing to go for a walk.

He's become amazingly affectionate... sleeping next to me curled up with his little head resting on my shoulder. In the past, he slept at the end of my bed with his rear-end facing me as if to say, "I'm here on the bed with you, but I don't want to look at you or interact with you so don't bother to pet me!!! Now, what do you think of all this sweetness is coming from a formerly temperamental little dog??? Nothing has changed in his life except me being in the study."

- M.S. Saratoga, CA, USA

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"I just finished listening to the webinar - very helpful, thank you. I find I don't give as much feedback as I have experiences. I wait until I might feel more clear or articulate, and that time does not come. So here are a few that I've noticed.

  • I do feel more self compassion - it is all very subtle
  • World not quite as scary curious to see how things really are, without all the negative self talk
  • I look for and want to see the good in others- see others are on their path even when I have a breakdown, I see it as a peeling of the onion
  • I had a dream where I was not the victim - but I was strong."

-S.A. Sunnyvale, CA, USA

"Everything I was fretting about yesterday has fallen into place. Nothing has changed - just my thoughts have calmed down and I see things in perspective. It's really lovely how I moved through it so quickly. It feels natural now, however it has not always been like this."

- M.S. Los Altos, CA, USA

"My husband started trimming the branches of the trees around our house, it costs $3000 each year because we have so many olive trees. This year, he went outside and has almost 50% done. I did not mention it to him; he just went out and started. This has not happened in 15 years since we live hear... and, he doesn't do anything around the house. When he started cleaning the entire garage before Christmas, again - I did not say a thing, I knew it was the study."

- K.B. Saratoga, CA, USA

"I live at my mother's house with my son - so she is getting the transmission as well. She suddenly asked me for a back massage and complimented me on how great it felt and that it made a difference to her. She never said these things before. She is happier and reaching out more to her friends, is less aggressive and she lost 30 lbs. over the last 3 months."

- U.K. Sunnyvale, CA, USA

"Tonight my family came over to celebrate dad's b-day. The evening went so well; it felt like it had always been that way. But, I know a few years ago I couldn't have done it, or thought I could do it. I wore my new outfit. We had BBQ salmon. I was observing myself during the evening how I could make a decision to doubt myself or to trust that all would work out fine. Which it did! I felt GOOD! It was great to have a real "normal" family celebration that I put together! Amen."

- K.C. Sunnyvale, CA, USA

"After you mentioned that participants are creating more order in their lives I though I would mention to you that I collected 6 large bags of stuff to give to Good Will. The interesting thing is that I gave clothes away that were still very good - I had a new thought: there is no LACK. If I need a new suit I will buy one, no need for hanging on. Also, there has been more synchronicity in my life - I just bought a condo and I have to pinch myself; it just happened because somebody asked me if I wanted to buy her condo. It was all very easy without much effort. I also wanted to mention that I am much more quickly recovering from blows. I am amazed over my thought "there is no lack" - that is totally new."

- L.G. Palo Alto, CA, USA

"I want you tell you that the strangest thing is happening with my son (age 15) who is receiving the transmission at my ex-husbands house. Nothing has changed in his life circumstances. During July he began to do the following:

  • he started exercising (could not reach his toes
  • he now can reach the floor)
  • he was a C student Sophomore, into video games, he has stopped without parental input to watch video games and TV
  • since August he is a straight A student in ALL subjects
  • he is brushing his teeth, he is proud that they look more white (NO girlfriend!)
  • when I text him he responds immediately, and he gives me a real hug

There have been no new rules set in the household; my ex-husband is hardly at home."

- K.U. Olympia, WA, USA

"I have been really stuck for almost 24 months, and even before I was not doing so great. No matter what effort I put into things, no response. I finally got referred to a person who could see immediately where I was stuck, some old beliefs which I could not identify for myself because I still believed them to be true... things are beginning to open up for me. I am so relieved that finally I see movement."

- J.D. Santa Clara, CA, USA

"I had a major shift - I bought a new house for me in Tahoe, not for the kids but what I like. I found out I can take a semester off and still be enrolled - what a relief. I checked out West Valley College and their classes are much better for me. I initiated this change: in a way, it's overcoming the "looser element" in my family. I now can see that I was bullied during my divorce, letting myself get intimidated. Now I feel free for the first time - that is behind me and I am showing up in self-directed actions. I now know that I have a good future ahead of me. I might even get a boat for the lake."

- P.T. San Jose, CA, USA

"My daughter has been very hurt before when other kids were mean to her. She recently told me that a boy called her a "dumb ass", and then she said "I just shook my head and walked away."

- L.S. Acworth, GA, USA

"I had a very intense experience with my Boss while being in Asia visiting relatives over Christmas. In spite of the extreme efforts (and many successes) I have put into work, he called me "good for nothing". I collapsed into tears - it was good that I was far away; it gave me time to think it through. This was about the worst sense of failure I ever had (since High School). I thought about it, and then it was not as bad as initially. I came up with a plan, which I think will work. This is a significant shift in how I handle things."

- B.K. Mountain View, CA, USA

"Yesterday I went to lunch with a buddy whom I have not seen for about 6 – 9 months. As I shared with him about my recent Compassion Intention study he asked me if I had noticed any changes or benefits from being in the program. I shared that I was definitely aware of changes in my parents and family who I lived with in the last 6 months for a total of about 8 weeks. Then he volunteered that he is noticing changes in me. He said I seem softer, more loving & kind and more at peace. I shared that I am conscious of an expanding awareness."

- M.S. Phoenix, AZ, USA

"For the first time I planted flowers on the patio - a way to nurture myself. To my surprise, my husband (not in the study) bought me a necklace. When I asked why he got it for me he said because I was happier. He then hung out on the patio with me and my gardening friend - he never does that."

- D.K. Sunnyvale, CA, USA

"My car broke down the other day - I had just joked with my son about the car getting old... I was by the side of the road and it was miserably hot. Then I thought - well, IT IS WHAT IT IS. I notice that I was not drowning in overwhelm, it was a bit strange because I was not trying to keep it together; I just DID."

- C.C. Los Gatos, CA, USA

"I have been getting things done. My procrastination has decreased tremendously. I go through the day of being more organized ... It's not who is use to be at all."

- K.K. San Mateo, CA, USA

"I had a dream about those girls in High School who gossiped about me and put me down. We were all sitting around a table, I was talking and they were nodding their heads in agreement. It was a wonderful healing experience. My husband (not in the study) has been much more open and willing to share his thoughts and feelings with me. I don't know if it's me - or the study, but it's a remarkable change after all 15 years. When he broke the plastic level on the refrigerator and broke his key in opening our mailbox, I did not lay into him, but said "these things happen". That was a spontaneous response, did not have to contemplate it."

- H.V. Belmont, CA, USA

"I noticed the last couple of weeks that I seem to be regressing a bit. Like, I was worried over something trivial or stressed about something out of my control. Then I realized that I had come to rely on a new sense of feeling uplifted and what felt like an expanded consciousness - old fear traps had lifted. Something about the last two weeks' regression made me realize how much I have experienced a change over the months of the study. It's hard to say how these changes correlate to the study or other shifts of awareness going on in my life, but something is happening, and I don't feel the need to find out why: I just enjoy the new sense of freedom. I admit I was skeptical (very skeptical) at first, but I think I have become more open minded now that I have experienced change."

- A.N. Mountain View, CA, USA

"I just got what compassion is when you are having a difficult time. As you know, I am having extreme brain fog and am very uncomfortable. I have been in problem solving mode, what can I do to feel better and I haven't noticed any change. I have been struggling with all decisions. I have done all I can right now. Try compassion toward myself. It doesn't mean my symptoms will just go away, but it may be that I soften the self-criticism for the decisions (poor judgment) I've been making. This approach feels kinder."

- C.P. Sunnyvale, CA, USA

"I spoke with my husband about the crazy activity schedule of my daughter and how it's affecting our entire family time on the weekends. I said that we had to make choices and that family time was important too. I was a bit concerned about coming on so strong and expressing my opinion so directly and to my surprise he agreed. The next day he bought flowers for me. I like speaking my inner truth."

- L.M. San Jose, CA, USA

"My cat (age 7) has not ever been laid back. However, since the study started he is a changed cat. He used to hide before bedtime so that I couldn't put him in his "bedroom". He no longer hides and is happy to jump up in his bed for some treats. He also sleeps through the night without banging on the door to let him out. Another changed behavior - he straddles/hugs the couch arm with his legs dangling down in a very relaxed manner. The list goes on... I know this new behavior of my cat is from the transmission."

- M.P. Campbell, CA, USA

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