#1: Judgment vs. Acceptance

Judgment | Breaking The Cycle

One day, when you were about 2 years old, you repeated your name and pointed to yourself. Your parents celebrated this as a milestone. However with this accomplishment, you entered an unavoidable and painful predicament: you knew yourself as a separate individual.

Even more importantly, as your vocabulary increased ( I – Me – Mine – Myself ) you were able to compare yourself to others. Naturally, you noticed ‘my brother is bigger than me’. The problem is: comparing yourself to others breeds fear. Fear is a slippery slope. It causes you to ask ”am I enough”? And fear of ‘not being enough’  leads you to question your self-worth.

Judgment of worthiness starts a cycle: comparison, competition, chasing a standard, repeat. It is when this cycle is centered on an unattainable standard that we start to feel alone, isolated and separate from others. Many people never get out of this cycle….but it is possible to stop it and change your perspective.

The Self Compassion Intention Program is a ground-breaking effort which focuses on helping participants break this cycle to help you become more centered, capable, satisfied, fulfilled, peaceful, and knowing that you belong.